Fingerstyle guitarist Andy McKee Glasgow and Edinburgh dates

This article is from 2011.

Fingerstyle guitarist Andy McKee Glasow and Edinburgh dates

Virtuoso guitar plucker who made his name on YouTube

In 2006 American ‘fingerstyle’ guitarist Andy Mckee joined the YouTube sensation club when he posted a video of himself performing his song ‘Drifting’. It has to be seen and heard to be believed – nearly 78,000,000 hits and climbing – but McKee is essentially a guitar genius with a nice line in covers and some pretty decent original tunes.

Yawn. Another YouTube sensation?
McKee is the real deal. It’s hard to imagine he would have received this much exposure without YouTube and his music more than deserves the plaudits. A self-confessed guitar nerd, McKee picked up his first guitar as a teenager and set about developing his virtuoso style until his digits ached. With lightening quick fingers and a feel for rhythm that’s seductively graceful, in full flow he’s a joy to behold — shades of John Martyn minus the crooning.

Does he like Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’?
Give it a rest. He is, however, a bit of a fan of the 1980s. Among his most popular YouTube videos is a cracking cover of ‘Africa’ by Toto. His new album, Joyland, includes a brisk version of ‘Everybody Wants to Rule The World’ by Tears for Fears.

What is ‘fingerstyle’? Can I eat it?
Fingerstyle is a technique that involves plucking, picking or hitting the strings with the fingertips and fingernails, combined with using various parts of the guitar as percussion. Don’t try it at home – well do, but it probably won’t sound anywhere near as good.

The Arches, Glasgow, Thu 4 Aug; Cabaret Voltaire, Blair Street, 0131 220 6176, Fri 5 Aug, 7pm, £20.50.

Andy McKee - Drifting

Andy McKee - Africa

Andy McKee - Everybody Wants to Rule The World (international version)

Andy McKee

Acclaimed acoustic finger-style guitarist and YouTube sensation shows off his skills.

Andy McKee

Acclaimed acoustic guitarist and YouTube sensation shows off his skills. Part of the Edge Festival.