Corn Exchange theatre company bring Man of Valour to Edinburgh 2011

This article is from 2011.

Corn Exchange theatre company bring Man of Valour to Edinburgh 2011

One-man action movie from acclaimed Irish company

It’s a scenario familiar to many. A lonely office worker tries to escape his humdrum existence, living out a fantasy world of swashbuckling make-belief and mind-blowing heroism. ‘Everyone can relate to it,’ says actor and co-writer Paul Reid. ‘It’s about a guy in a job that doesn’t entertain him, so he tries to entertain himself. The show’s really about what happens when fact and fiction unravel and collide.’

Dubbed a ‘one man action movie’, Man Of Valour certainly has a good pedigree, coming as it does from Irish company The Corn Exchange, who brought the wonderfully absurd Freefall to the Fringe. Edinburgh virgin Reid hopes the show’s loose style of commedia dell’arte, accompanied by projections, epic film music and slick lighting tricks, will entice audiences.

‘As an audience member I love it when you’re left to create something, and with this the audience are really helping to create what they see with their own imagination.

‘It’s like an action adventure movie brought to the theatre – hopefully the audience will enjoy the ride.’

Traverse Theatre, 228 1404, 5–14 Aug (not 8), times vary, £15–£17 (£11–£12). Preview 4 Aug, £11 (£6).

MAN OF VALOUR - THE CORN EXCHANGE - 5th -14th August 2011

Man of Valour

  • 2 stars

From the team behind Freefall and Dublin By Lamplight, Man of Valour is a one-man action movie - the story of Fergus Farrell, an office drone with an overactive fantasy gland. His imagined, heroic adventures offer violent release from the pressures and boredom of his ordinary life - until the border between fantasy and…

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