Liberace: Live From Heaven

This article is from 2011.

Liberace: Live From Heaven

Edinburgh Festival show features piano man playing at the Pearly Gates

In cabaret, what turns a concert into theatre is the hook that hangs the tunes together. Hanging squirming from this particular hook is Liberace (reincarnated in Bobby Crush) as he plays for his immortal soul. We join the sequined piano man after his death in 1987 performing to persuade St Peter (and the audience) that he deserves admittance upstairs by playing his songs, more recent tracks and an impromptu medley conjured from audience suggestions.

Crush (previous Opportunity Knocks favourite and writer of Orville’s ‘I Wish I Could Fly’) aims to invest Mr Showmanship with as much fabulousness as one would expect as he parades ‘a number of incredible costumes, each one more eye-catching than the one that went before’. To counter Nietzsche’s pronouncement that ‘in heaven all the interesting people are missing’, Crush believes The King of Bling would ‘make [the afterlife] as fabulous and extravagant as his life was on earth’ by partying with Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland and Mae West. The result promises to be as inimitable as The Glitter Man himself and will no doubt be as camp as, well, as camp as Liberace.

Assembly George Square, 623 3030, 6–28 Aug, 6.25pm, £13–£14 (£12–£13). Previews until 5 Aug, £8.

Liberace Live From Heaven

Liberace: Live From Heaven

February 4 1987, Liberace, Mr Showmanship, arrives at the pearly gates. Will Saint Peter and the angels let him in or damn him to hell? Tonight Liberace plays for his life… His eternal life! Bobby Crush stars as Liberace in this hysterical high camp show, with of course, heavenly piano playing.

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