Josie Long - The Future is Another Place

This article is from 2011.

Josie Long

Little miss sunshine gets political

JosieWorld is a place built on home-spun whimsy and Ms Long presides over it with a refreshing optimism, pointing out all the little things that make us smile or inspire or deserve kudos. In her fourth Fringe show it is being impinged upon by a newfound political dissatisfaction. ‘It’s sort of about how I feel really angry because of the government and dealing with trying to stay politically aware but trying to negotiate the fact that in order to do that it means I’m just going to be upset every day.’

As a departure from her previous optimism, she describes The Future is Another Place as being ‘a lot more about trying to manage when you don’t feel that there is any positives’, and, in addition, ‘the fact that I also like swimming outdoors’. Long doesn’t plan on shying away from the fact her evolving world view is at odds with spreading happiness. ‘The show is about how uncomfortable I feel about wanting to say serious things because that’s not really my job. It’s about feeling confused and awkward and frustrated, which is going to sound really pretentious. A lot of it’s just me doing stupid voices as well.’

Another big change is that this time, ‘there are no props, no pictures, there’s nothing. It’s just me.’ Given her propensity for crafty activities like making her own programmes, it’s not unusual for fans to present her with homemade gifts or examples of their artwork. Recently, a musician credited her with inspiring him to be more political in his music. Long’s response? ‘I literally don’t feel as if I could have been given a better compliment than that. But now it sounds like I’m bragging. People make me biscuits as well.’

Pleasance Dome, 556 6550, 6–28 Aug (not 15, 22), 7pm, £10–£12. Previews 4 & 5 Aug, £7.

Josie Long: The Future Is Another Place

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Josie Long is back again with her fifth Fringe show. Come along! This is a show about feeling newly tormented by the world around you and about optimism and despair. But that sounds more serious than it is. It'll be a silly, manic round up of all kinds of things. It will probably have a play in it where I play every one…

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