Fringe for (around) a fiver: Kids

This article is from 2011

Fringe for (around) a fiver: Kids

Snow Play

The affordable kids' shows appearing at the Fringe this year

Taking the whole family to a Fringe show can be an expensive business these days. So it pays to get out there early and soak up some previews. Here are just a few of the top shows that are charging £5 for their opening performances on 3-5 Aug.

Australian company Asking for Trouble use clowning, acrobatics and lots of cardboard in their award-winning show Bubblewrap and Boxes at the Gilded Balloon. Fans of Lynley Dodd’s picture books will be pleased to see that last year’s charming Fringe show Hairy Maclary and Friends is back, with a new crop of stories and songs at Assembly George Square. Also at that venue you’ll find the puppet sequel to the Ugly Duckling, the witty Chronicles of Bitter and Twisted, and The One Show’s resident scientist Marty Jopson in Inventions Going Bang.

If you head into the Pleasance Courtyard, you’ll find Tim FitzHigham and Tiernan Douieb on a haphazard journey to the coldest place on Earth in The Adventurers Club – The Great Arctic Caper. Equally silly, The Tim Bat Trick Show blends quirky comedy and skilful trickery courtesy of Perrier Award-winning juggler Tim Bat.

Or you could check out Lyngo Theatre’s smash hit interactive show Snow Play, with snowball fights and a whole lot of clowning around. Although if you’re really looking for a bargain, for just £3 you can experience the live performance, puppetry and projections that make up The Incredible Book Eating Boy, shown inside a unique installation in the Courtyard for just two people at a time.

Various venues, Edinburgh, 3-5 Aug.

The Chronicles of Bitter and Twisted

  • 3 stars

Everyone knows the story of The Ugly Duckling. A baby duck was small and ugly, scorned by all, but grew into a beautiful swan. Happy Ending. Or was it? Lesser known, is the other story, of a baby swan who was also small and ugly, scorned by all and grew into a… well, a duck. A bitter duck. Using puppets and clowning, this…

Inventions Going Bang

Join Dr Marty Jopson, the One Show's resident scientist on a tour of explosive and implosive inventions. Sit back and relax as, with the aid of a plethora of peculiar contraptions crafted with his own fair hands, he places himself in great personal danger for your amusement and entertainment. Marvel at the weighty power…

Bubblewrap and Boxes

  • 3 stars

Acrobatics, clowning and a whole lot of cardboard boxes! Asking for Trouble present their award-winning, delightful, high-energy family show. Set in the lost mailroom, a strange, dusty nowhere land where homeless parcels and undeliverable letters live. A highly-strung mailroom dweller, intent on keeping his boxes in order…

The Tim Bat Trick Show

  • 3 stars

A fast, funny and exciting show for children of all ages, packed with quirky comedy and trickery featuring yoyos, spinning tops, umbrellas, puppets, rope spinning, balancing and more. Gentleman juggler Tim clowns through his impressive repertoire with aplomb. But when the props get the upper hand, frantic hilarity ensues!

The Adventurers Club - The Great Arctic Caper

Adventurers! Think cold snap’s a card game? Think polar bears look cuddly? Giggle about Arctic wind? Then join Tim FitzHigham and Tiernan Douieb in their haphazard journey to the coldest place on Earth!