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Flatrate's podcastable open mic/radio show takes place at CCA, Glasgow, Thu 21 Jul

How to describe Pilot? An open mic night? A live radio show? A arts community get-together?

‘I suppose it’s really just like making a radio show in a rowdy bar,’ says Colin Chaloner of Flatrate (who run open mic night Initial Itch) of their newest project. ‘We just sort of take over the CCA’s Terrace Bar every month, and people can turn up and take part as they see fit.’

Those familiar with the establishment in question will know that it’s not the easiest space to put on a straightforward gig. ‘There’s no way, in that bar, you can see everything that’s going on,’ explains Flatrate’s Rob Johns. ‘That was a practical problem we had to solve when creating Pilot, and ended up shaping it and being the most exciting thing about it.’

Essentially, Flatrate fill the various nooks and crannies of the bar with microphones, put on performance stages, record everything that goes on, and turn it into a podcast at the end. There’s a private booth for those who want to perform on the podcast but not in public, and the possibility for collaboration is endless.

‘Last month we had a playwright turn up with a troupe of actors in tow,’ says Chaloner. ‘He asked if we could hook him up with a musician; they sat together for an hour and scored something, then performed it. We’ve also had the Arches Community Choir turn up: it was a bit of a challenge fitting them all in, but we managed it. The open mic aspect gives people the freedom to turn up and try things out.’

Pilot, in all its shambolic, slightly-difficult-to-explain glory, has proved such a hit with the Glasgow arts community that it will be coming to Edinburgh’s Forest Café for August. West Coasters who want to see what all the fuss is about would be advised to turn up this fortnight, or just download the podcast afterwards.

Pilot, Thu 21 Jul, CCA, Glasgow. Podcasts at http://soundcloud.com/flatratestate/pilot-1

Pilot 1 podcast


As far as we can tell, this is a sort of open-mic night-cum-live radio show, which you can either come along and be part of, or download as a podcast afterwards. It's organised by interesting young theatre company Flatrate though, so definitely worth a look. They say: 'come down, have a drink, hear some noise, perform…

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