Glenn Wool (4 stars)

  • 21 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

If there was any justice in this god-forsaken comedy world, Glenn Wool would be much better known than he is. Maybe it’s because he keeps changing his appearance (this year he swaggers onstage sporting a fetching handlebar moustache), but Wool has been steadily delivering his laconic, incredulous brand of stand-up to appreciative Fringe audiences for a number of years without ever quite acquiring the status of household name.

The nominal theme of this year’s show is the existence of hell, though, as ever, this is a bit of an excuse for Wool to make some very lateral observations about this crazy, messed-up world we live in. God is portrayed as a self-hating homosexual, while Hinduism is depicted as the religion we would all subscribe to if we were given a choice (blue elephants!). It’s all terrific, topical stuff, and, without wishing to give too much away, there’s a nifty little twist right at the tail end of the show. (Allan Radcliffe)

Edinburgh Comedy Room, the Tron, 226 0000, until 28 Aug, 9pm, £9-£10 (£8-£9).

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