Topping & Butch (4 stars)

  • 21 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Heavy rain irksomely soaks your shoes and sops your trouser bottoms, but below ground level the water is coursing through drain and sewer, scouring out the debris, silt and muck and refreshing the plumbing. Such is the case with Topping & Butch, who present their delectable Filth! for general consumption (no children or critics, mind). Songs for which subtlety is a foreign country are interspersed with audience interaction that probes so deeply that punters squirm expectantly in their seats each time the house lights are raised.

There's nothing properly offensive here, just resolutely British smut dressed in a black leather mini-skirt (Topping) and skimpy black nylon hotpants (Butch). It's delightfully relentless - rendering it difficult to gauge when a double entendre turns into a single, and back again - and on occasion Butch delivers an expert shot from the hip that knocks the wind out of the assembled. Missus! (Robin Lee)

Underbelly, 0870 745 3083, until 27 Aug, 9.55pm, £10-£12 (£8-£10).

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