War correspondent Martin Bell to give Oliver Stone another chance

This article is from 2011

War correspondent Martin Bell to give Oliver Stone another chance

Martin Bell will be introducing Oliver Stone's Salvador at the EIFF

Writer, war correspondent and ‘man in white suit’ Martin Bell will be in residence for a few days at this year’s festival. Here he explains what’s he’s up to

‘I tend to walk out of films about wars that I reported on. I walked out of Oliver Stone’s Salvador when I first saw it in 1986 that’s why it will be interesting to present it and revisit it in Edinburgh. I remember he satirised a female reporter I know in the film and made her out to be stupid when she wasn’t. Maybe time will force me to reassess my opinion of the film.’

‘I’m involved with the Conflict/Reportage strand of the EIFF and I will basically be doing what I’m told to do, which could involve introducing films and helming Q&As. It was really the late war photographer Tim Hetherington’s documentary Restrepo which made me want to be involved with this. It’s a brilliant film because it has no actors in it, you see? Normal people get their information about wars from television, newspapers or films. That tells you how powerful cinema can be.’

‘I still work in many war zones for UNICEF so Edinburgh will hopefully be sedate in comparison. This also comes at a time when the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester have decided to turn me into a museum piece with their exhibition on war correspondents, which is strange. It feels like only yesterday when I was reporting from those areas of conflict.’

Frontline Club: Martin Bell Presents Salvador, Filmhouse, 623 8030, www.edfilmfest.org.uk, 12:15pm, Sat 25 Jun, £6 (£5).

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