Three Mo' Tenors (3 stars)

  • 21 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

With beautiful, rich and soaring harmonies, one is first struck by the disbelief that this should be such an uncommon sight; three black men in bowties and tails flexing their unfaltering vocal chords for a beaming theatre audience. Then, with formalities (namely the disappointingly brief, opera orientated introduction) out of the way, the trio get down to the business of bringing gravitas and gentle humour to Broadway favourites and a string of sanitised soul classics.

'Something for all the family' is a phrase that rarely rings true, and this is surely a show for a more mature reception. Indeed, for fans of the music hall style the camp medleys will prove an immeasurable delight. Soul purists, meanwhile, may come away feeling that they've just witnessed three classically trained singers butcher all their favourite songs, and the under 25s will be seeking counselling for that fateful moment the tenors broke out the baseball caps for Usher's 'Yeah!' (Mark Edmundson)

St George's West, 226 2428, until Aug 27, 7pm, £12.50-£14 (£11.50-£13).

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