Fireworks Concert

  • 21 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Five reasons to go see


Your back garden 5 November effort just isn’t in the same league

With a display using over 100,000 fireworks, the spectacular finale to the Edinburgh International Festival is the largest annual pyro-concert in Europe.

You’d feel daft not to be one of the 250,000 people watching it

The Princes Street Gardens performance attracts huge numbers of people congregating at various vantage points throughout the city. Inverleith Park is a favourite spot for those who don’t have tickets to the Gardens.

You can hear it all on your trannie in the comfort of your own home

Radio Forth’s live broadcast sets the scene with interviews from the main people involved. The commentary on the music and fireworks is legendary.

The orchestra is rather good too

Although the Scottish Chamber Orchestra never get to see the fireworks, they play their hearts out year after year. With Edinburgh-born conductor Garry Walker, who has been a Fireworks fan since boyhood, this year’s choice is Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet.

It’s the final event for outgoing EIF Director, Brian McMaster

After a record 15 years, Sir Brian retires at the end of this year’s Festival. Talk about going out with a bang. (Carol Main)

Princes Street Gardens, 473 2000, 3 Sep, 9pm, £24 (£10).

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