Skin of the Moon

  • 18 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

This is a kind of Addams Family (minus children members) meets Rocky Horror, a mixture of zany and wacky humour served up with a decent selection of rocky and well chosen background music. Some sketches work better than others. Even for a Tuesday night, the sparse crowd mostly played along with the prompting for participation when called upon, which added to the general madness and mayhem on stage. Particularly neat is the ‘Baby Warhol’ section of the show (is your mind boggling now?) I would say go on a weekend when I am sure the clever cast (especially ‘the Master’ and his evil - but pretty - assistant Colin/Colleen) will make the most of feeding off a larger and more appreciative audience. (Gordy McCue)

Assembly Rooms, until 28 Aug, (not 14) 11.15pm

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