EIFF 2011 - Five to try: Outside The Box

This article is from 2011

EIFF Five to try: Outside The Box

The Incredibles, part of the New Media Scotland screenings

Our picks for the Edinburgh International Film Festival's outsider strands

Duncan Speakman: Our Broken Voice

Speakman’s project is a ‘subtlemob’ – ‘A film that’s happening in a public space where you’re both a performer and an audience member,’ he says. Still baffled? Imagine arriving at a designated public location, with an audio file you’ve downloaded from the web two days before, and finding that the narration you’re listening to fits perfectly with the behaviour of the strangers around you. Instructions in the audio drag you into the action. There are no cameras however: ‘We do all the other bits of a film – we just don’t film it.’ Check subtlemob.com for more details.
Events from Wed 15 Jun. See edfilmfest.org.uk for details as they appear. Free.

24 Hours of Spatial Politics, Curated by Markus

Markus Miessen, international architect, writer and guest curator at EIFF arranges an ‘orgy’-like (according to Festival director James Mullighan. ‘Orgy’ in the cultural sense only) day-long programme of speeches, films, and debates.
Inspace, Tue 21 Jun, noon. Free but ticketed.

Bike-Powered Cinema at EIFF

Self-explanatory film/fitness event, with details about times, locations and films TBC. Whatever happens, EIFF will save on the electricity bills. See edfilmfest.org.uk for more.

The Collective Gallery: Megaphone Choir

Irish artist and filmmaker Jesse Jones combines film, lecture and performance.
Festivalhouse@Teviot, Sat 25 Jun, 2pm. Free but ticketed.

New Media Scotland screenings

Series of events exploring film and fashion, with a diverse selection of screenings including The Incredibles, Fellini’s 8 1/2 and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.
Inspace, Thu 16–Thu 23 Jun, times vary. Free but ticketed.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

  • 4 stars
  • 1969
  • UK
  • 1h 56min
  • U
  • Directed by: Ronald Neame
  • Written by: Jay Presson Allen
  • Cast: Maggie Smith, Robert Stephens, Pamela Franklin

The big screen adaptation of Muriel Spark's tale of an eccentric Edinburgh schoolteacher in the 1930s offers sharp characterisations and interesting period flavour.

The Incredibles

  • 4 stars
  • 2004
  • USA
  • 2h
  • PG
  • Directed by: Brad Bird
  • Written by: Brad Bird
  • Cast: Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Spencer Fox, Jason Lee, Samuel L Jackson, Elizabeth Peña, Brad Bird

Bob Parr (AKA Mr Incredible) is an overweight insurance clerk living in suburbia, but this wasn't always the case. Once upon a time he was a popular do gooder superhero, as was his wife Helen (AKA Elastigirl). But one night something went wrong and all superheroes had to be reassimilated into society through a kind of…

Edinburgh International Film Festival

The oldest continually running film festival in the world, the EIFF draws on its prestige to consistently present abundant programmes of new features, documentaries, retrospectives, shorts, panel discussions and educational workshops, with a few high profile premieres thrown in for good measure.

Bike Powered Cinema at EIFF

Edinburgh International Film Festival: Outside the Box You must be 25+ to participate. The EIFF has teamed up with Alchemy Arts and the Powerpod to create a sustainably powered, bike-driven mobile cinema. Events are free and open for all. So come along, join in and pedal your way to some classic films. Check the EIFF…

Duncan Speakman: Our Broken Voice

An event by subtlemob, a collective described as offering a 'deliberate slap in the face to the flashmob phenomenon' with their interactive theatre/living film events. Date and time tbc – see the EIFF website for full details nearer the time.

New Media Scotland | Upgrade!

Edinburgh International Film Festival: Outside the Box At this event, Alex Hetherington will premiere a new text/video performance in response to the work of Comme desGarçons; Kristina Johansen will present her ‘You Be The Voyeur’ improvised dance piece that utilises wearable technology and audience participation, and…

New Media Scotland Atmosphere 1 | The Man in the White Suit

: Outside the Box Unable to hold down research jobs for being way too demanding when it comes to laboratory equipment, he takes a lowly labourer’s position at a local textile mill, but on the sly he cheerily completes his life’s work. Bingo! He gives the world a miracle, fashioned into a dazzling white suit. Big…

New Media Scotland Atmosphere 3 | Funny Face

Edinburgh International Film Festival: Outside the Box Well in this particular musical cycle, she’s to be found working in a Greenwich Village bookstore thinking that the fashion industry 'is chichi, and an unrealistic approach to self-impressions as well as economics'. Throw in one all expenses paid trip to Paris, the…

New Media Scotland Atmosphere 6 | 8½

Edinburgh International Film Festival: Outside the Box Winning two Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Costume Design, it’s a ravishing beauty. Guido is suffering from director’s block. Production has stalled on his new science fiction film. So in order to unravel his present and move forward, he…

The Collective Gallery: Megaphone Choir

  • 1h

Edinburgh International Film Festival: Outside the Box Taking the form of a performance, combining a film screening and lecture, Against the Realm of the Absolute uses historic film references as a way to explore motifs from the artist’s recent film commission with Collective Gallery, Edinburgh. The megaphone choir…

24 Hours of Spatial Politics, Curated by Markus

  • 24 hours

Edinburgh International Film Festival: Outside the Box He is the author of many books and articles, and the editor of Did Someone Say Participate ('one of the ten best architecture books of all time' - The Independent). Markus transforms Inspace into, as he puts it, an 'informally discursive social space, a hub for…

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