Cabaret of Menace, The

  • 17 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Incorporating sketches from Pinter and TS Elliot alongside new writing, this play had the potential to be brilliant, but unfortunately the new writing could not mach up to the work of either of those literary giants (as you would not expect it to be able to). And more disturbingly, there seemed to be no meaning to any of the individual sketches. While the writer justifies this as a post-modern exploration of their work, as an audience member it just left me unsatisfied and annoyed. Similarly, along the post-modern vein, much of the ‘comedy’ within the play was simply absurd nonsense, which was not amusing unless you considered yourself of superior intelligence to everyone else in the room. I am sure that some will enjoy this play and there are some beautifully written moments, but even though I am a fan of absurdist work and am willing to accept play without meaning, I found it a bit too boring and annoying. (Russell Clark)

C Too, until 28 Aug, midnight

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