Brokeback Britain

  • 16 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

The idea of an hour’s worth of culture bashing would, by the sounds of it, not be to everyone’s taste, but the execution of this work is perfect. Rather than focusing in on British culture from the outset, they talk us through the downfalls of their own Aussie and American backgrounds, and then the similarities and peculiarities towards British culture. This could have been dangerous territory, as we Brits are well known for being dangerously patriotic, but Jonas and McElroy were able to read the audience so as to know when they were about to go to far. The set did have a tendency towards over-covered topics, the weather and queuing, but at other times they managed to be hilariously insightful about other topics, such as our dangerous drinking culture. Obviously, due to the nature of their material, anyone who is zealously patriotic will be offended, but I left the theatre feeling strangely proud of our awful country. (Russell Clark)

Baby Belly, until 27 Aug, 8.20pm

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