Brick Walls

  • 16 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Fans of Waiting for Godot will relish this piece of comic new writing. Through forgetting to feature a door into their construction plans, two builders have bricked themselves into the house they've been building. To kill the time, the pair descend further and further into the surreal realms of their imaginations, culminating in their creation of a third and decidedly darker character, who disrupts their playful banter with loosely veiled sinister intentions. The exchanges between the characters are witty, carefully constructed and illuminate the writers' ability to demark the differences in character with enough subtlety to avoid presenting them as polarised archetypes. Throughout the piece the tone remains relatively lightweight and at times suffers from a lack of tension, but ultimately, this piece is engaging, well structured and displays signs of genuine originality. (Eiriona Jackson)

Underbelly, until 27 Aug (not 16), 12.30pm

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