Knight Time (4 stars)

  • 14 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Scratch Productions show is stunning evidence of what one man in a theatre space can conjure up. The solo performer employs his array of accents and a huge, stage-filling presence, as well as some lovely, stringy puppets to recreate the annual Knight Trials.

The audience is invited to stamp along to the jousting, whooping with excitement at the end of the tournament as simple country lad Jack Birch, accompanied by his faithful, flatulent horse, Raspberry, defeats such invidious characters as Sneezalot (who atchoos his way out of the arena) and Egon the Terrible, to steal the jousting crown. From there he embarks on quests to save fair maidens and fight a frightfully well-spoken dragon. Great fun. (Allan Radcliffe)

C too, 0870 701 5105, until 28 Aug, noon, £7.50 (£5.50-£6.50).

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