Sing a Storm of Blackbirds

  • 14 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Immigration is a hot-button issue in politics, always a topic surrounded by numbers and quotas. This play tries to view the debate through real life - the dodgy backhand jobs, the tabloid vilification and, most importantly, the relationships.

It focuses on two Albanian immigrants who come to Oxford to avoid the war in Kosovo. When one of the two falls in love with a local girl, the relationship faces resentment from the siblings of the pair, who scheme to split the couple.

This play examines attitudes to immigration, portraying the differing attitudes of two immigrants, whose differing views are so often ignored. Humour comes from linguistic differences, and one scene in which the lovebirds exchange local clichés is particularly amusing. However, in the end this play is a lesson in how far people will follow their prejudices. (Richard Johnstone)

Venue 45, Old St Paul’s Church Hall, until 26 Aug (not 20), various times.

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