55-Second Plan, The

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  • 14 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

There’s a lot to commend in this production: solid characterisation, good, character-specific dialogue, and a terrific use of the theatre space.

However, some of the hard work put into the script and direction is being wasted because one or two of the actors don’t project their voices beyond the second row. It was a real strain to make them out and when you add in distorted sound from the main character’s mic, either a mixing problem or bad technique, it was difficult to fully engage with the narrative.

Those distractions aside, this take on the obsession of modern society to solve its ills through adhering to the latest guru’s theories works very well.

We follow the characters as they each try out the 55-second plan for themselves with varying results. The last attempt is by far the saddest and brings this well-structured play to a satisfying conclusion. (Alistair Rutherford)

Underbelly, until 20 Aug, 1.10pm

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