Hamlet Project, The

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  • 14 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Rush out and see this brilliant interpretation of Hamlet. Hannah Kaye has
adapted our greatest play with love and passion. She uses performance art
and multimedia techniques, and everything she does adds to the drama. The
piece plays around with the order of events (Ophelia dies before she goes
mad), and adds the odd apposite quotation from outside of the text, but mostly
sticks to Shakespearian dialogue. Two Hamlets (Benjamin Askew and Robert
Donnelly) debate their soliloquys and each goes on his own compelling journey.
All the actors have dignity and flair and Elspeth Brodie and John Dagleish
show impressive versatility. This is a beautiful treatment of a beautiful
play. (Issy McCann)

C Central Venue, until 8 Aug, 5.50pm

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