My Brother's Keeper

  • 14 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

‘During the hard years of the Taliban one thing kept the Jewish Community of Afghanistan together. They both hated each other.’ Taking place in an apartment building in Kabul in 2001, the play tells the story of two men, one living above the other. They are the last vestiges of Jewish presence in Afghanistan. The younger man (Z) thinks the older (Y) is stealing his valuable business letters from his wife and hiding them. Y is doing that and more but Z, a carpet salesman, wants Y's ground floor flat and torments him, coveting Y's larger rooms. With lies and betrayal on both sides fuelling their hatred, the two men are locked in a private internecine war while another war rages around them - ‘a Russian doll of a war’, says Z.

The outcome for these two cannot be other than mutual destruction when the younger denounces the older as a Zionist spy. But another force is at work in delivering the final retribution. The audience watch and wait as the seeds of their inevitable fate, planted by the one for the other, bear their bleak fruit. Based on real life characters, Zebolan and Yitzak, the story at its heart was uncovered by Reuters editor Paul Holmes, who testifies truth to be stranger than fiction. (Eliza Langland)

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