Francis & Power (4 stars)

This article is from 2006.

There’s always a nagging doubt when watching sketch comedy that someone couldn’t quite manage to come up with one good idea but could stretch to two dozen OK ones instead. It only takes seconds to register that this is not the case here with two skilled comic actors playing out considered, well-structured vignettes that are odd, uncomfortable and extremely funny.

The duo draws together some deep (read: deeply flawed) characters who all end up on the wrong end of someone’s stick, be it the paranoid soap actor, the builders deconstructing homosexuality, or the man trying to surreptitiously entice his golf buddy into a threesome with his wife. They occasionally utilise recurring themes but never let them outstay their welcome. There is also enough subtlety in the pair’s approach that means even familiar topics are assaulted from a fresh perspective.

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