Iron Brew

  • 10 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Considering who the writer/director behind this piece was, I was looking forward to an enjoyable 45 minutes. Alas, it was not to be. In his notes the writer (Sam Snape) states that he was asked by the producers of 'Holby' to write a episode segment and that is where 'Iron Brew' began life. He goes on to say that they fired him because it was ‘too surreal’. More likely it wasn't very good. For a short piece there are just too many emotional twists: cancer, mental illness, love, rape, pregnancy and suicide. The play is set atop a hospital in Vancouver but there seems no reason for this. The ending is obvious from the very beginning, so you are merely waiting for the final event to happen. I'm afraid that for much of the performance it is acting by numbers, with no natural flow from one emotional flux to another. The blame for this must lie with the writer/director. For example, when one character reveals to her friend she has been raped in the past the event is hardly commented on. In such a short piece you cannot explore such varying subject matters and expect to have a coherent piece of theatre at the end. (Michael Plant)

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