• 10 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

This piece was difficult to categorise. It is a one woman show with a visual, experimental feel, written by a young performer who interacts directly with the audience but also performs in character and interacts with herself on film. It’s billed as intrinsically absurd, intimately unnerving, ‘hilirious’ (sic) and ‘terryfying’ (sic), and the flyer warns of nudity and scenes of a disturbing nature. A lot of effort has gone into the props, costume, make-up and technical support in a show which tries to address some taboos and probe a damaged psyche.

To what end remains unclear but the performer is, at the beginning of a career, making a brave leap into bewildering territory. (Eliza Langland)

Sweet, Grassmarket, until 27Aug 9.35pm

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