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  • 10 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Possibly, just possibly, I can see the attraction in this hour of ancient godly philosophy/debate/(naked) wrestling (excuse for), because no doubt word had got around to the 20-odd girlies on one side of the auditorium that two young, fit (naked) guys would be playing the lead roles. Yes, it is after the watershed, remove the brackets, they were togaless … these were your actual NAKED gods. So from the laydees’ (and guys’ if so inclined) point of view, you could see the obvious attraction. It was an hour-long view of bollocks which, for some, seemed to make up for the bollocks eminating out of Appalling /Dire ... oops, I mean Apollo/Dioysius’ godly gobs. Another wee tip: going overboard with the shouty bit when delivering your lines does not make them sound interesting, it just wakes up audience members, like the women next to me (who, like me, may have happened upon classics in school and knows they can be educational and entertaining). But unfurl the papyrus scroll and pay attention: in the words of Homer, pro non scripto (not with this script). ‘Doh’!! (Gordy McCue)

C cubed, until 28 Aug, midnight

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