Adventures of Bitter and Twisted, The

  • 10 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

This is only a piece of theatre because it’s on in a theatre space. Actually, it’s a reading by the two eponymous characters who sit close together on a small stage and take turns with the book.

If the story was engaging or interesting enough they might have got this to work but unfortunately it isn’t. It’s a simplistic fairytale and places no significant demands upon the audience’s imagination. Some songs, which tend to reinforce at length what we’ve just been told, are pleasant enough but don’t add much to the story.

The set looks good but since there is no acting, or movement, or anything you would recognise as being part of a play, it’s a bit of a waste. The show lasts just over 30 minutes, well short of the scheduled 50. (Alistair Rutherford)

Holyrood Tavern, until 19 Aug, 5pm

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