Kid-Simple: A Radio Play in the Fles

  • 10 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Kid Simple says it is, amongst other things, a carnival of sound, sex, sex, sex, a festival of the odd, manipulation and deceit, a magical quest, a radio play in the flesh.

It isn't that latter, but sound is its driving theme. A girl invents a listening device that looks like a carnival booth and calls it the ‘third ear’. She then goes on a quest with a boy-virgin to reclaim it from the sexual predator who steals it for the ‘Darklings’. Sound effects are provided by a clown-like man occupying the third ear and clarified by words on a screen describing them - ‘the sound of a woman luxuriating in a fur coat’, for example.

But the machine has a flaw. Human speech becomes infected with sound effects as the gap between words and thought widens.
A sound swallowing machine is created but at a terrible cost. This is at times quite baffling, at others poetic. (Eliza Langland)

Bedlam Theatre, until 26 Aug, 1.45pm

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