Janey Godley (4 stars)

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  • 7 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Considering Janey Godley’s last couple of Fringe shows have seen her tell audiences all about her home life, sex life, daughter, Asberger’s-affected husband, gangland connections and childhood sexual abuse, it kind of follows that she’s not the shy sort. This year she’s taking things to a whole new level, however, with three daily shows and a constantly updated online blog of her thoughts and activities. That’s the focus of this particular show, as she mixes a few of her stock anecdotes with a kind of daily commentary on the blog itself. Where the script ends and the banter begins is hard to spot, because at all times this Glaswegian is endearingly conversational.

Whether she’s talking about beating sexual predators on a bus in New Zealand or presenting her marital moans to the world in a blog entitled ‘today I bought some shoes’ (her husband’s condition means he can’t read past the first line), she’s always fun to listen to. Actually - considering some of the subjects approached - ‘fun’ might be the wrong word. Perhaps best to say she’s as challenging and honest as ever, and her way with words (even the sweary ones) is impossible to ignore.
(David Pollock)

Underbelly, 0870 745 3083, until 27 Aug, 8.10pm, £9.50-£10.50 (£8-£9).

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