Scott Capurro (4 stars)

  • 7 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Watching Scott Capurro do stand-up is like taking a ride down a huge brae on a rickety old go-cart. It’s often exhilarating, but you’re not quite sure if it’ll end in disaster. The manic San Franciscan delivers his material at breakneck speed, rapidly self-editing as he goes, and tailoring his material to whoever catches his eye in the audience that night. The front row here is definitely not for the faint-hearted. On the night in question, the presence of a Saturday dad with his two teenage kids was like a red rag to a bull for the merciless Capurro.

As ever there are pops at imbecile world leaders as well as some close to the knuckle material about his sexual encounters. This includes one eye-watering account of his blind date with a thalidomide guy, which culminated in a one-night stand for curiosity’s sake; and a graphic description of the business of fucking twinks with plucked eyebrows (like making love to a glazed ham). The material is shot through with a brutal honesty and pathos, from a performer whose ennui is legendary. (Allan Radcliffe)

The Stand II, 558 7272, until 27 Aug (not 14), 9.30pm, £8 (£7).


1. Steve17 Aug 2008, 10:59pm1 star Scott Capurro Report

This idiot has taken his ideas to shock people too far. He spouted bigoted rascist rubbish for 1 hour solid. I really dont want to waste any more of my life on this guy - please spare yourself if you ever have the misfortune of the chance of going to see him live.

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