Chris Difford

  • 5 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Squeeze may have been a long time ago but CHRIS DIFFORD remains as at ease with his present as he is with his past.

I’m rewriting history from his own perspective My last album had re-recorded versions of some of the old hits I had in Squeeze; they’re all quite relaxed acoustic versions with pedal steel guitar on them. A country twang, if you like. It was a great education, relearning the songs in a new way.

I’m a Scottish artist (of sorts) I’m releasing the South East Side Story DVD on Glasgow’s Luna Records, which is run by the guy who owns the Beanscene coffee shops. I can’t really remember how this came about, just that he very graciously offered me the money to do it (laughs).

I’ve jumped the fence a couple of times When I left Squeeze I went into management. I managed Marti Pellow for four years and then Bryan Ferry, but then in 2002 I decided to record a solo album. It’s what’s in my blood really, I realised I’m a musician rather than a professional manager.

I don’t mind being the hired hand I’m in the process of writing Marti’s solo album with him, I think it’s out in October. It’s going really well, it was recorded in Memphis with Wet Wet Wet’s producer. I also run my own songwriting workshops; the next one’s in Tuscany. They’re for professional songwriters, but I take young hopefuls on board if they’re good enough.

I can’t really hack the music business any more it belongs to a bunch of select young people now, and I’m quite happy living in a bubble - the corner shop to their Marks and Spencer’s. (David Pollock)

Cabaret Voltaire, 0870 169 0100, 12 Aug, 7pm, £12.50.

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