Barb Jungr

  • 5 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Barb Jungr will launch her new recording project for the Eaglesham-based Linn Records at this concert. Walking in the Sun follows recent projects on the songs of Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley, and focuses on one of her earliest loves - blues and gospel music. The project came about when a friend suggested that she should take on that material directly, since he reckoned that she sang everything that way anyway.

‘Every record is a labour of love,’ she explained, ‘but this one maybe even more than most - I was able to chose lots of songs I love, and I was sent lots of good suggestions. Choosing material is never really a cerebral process for me - they almost seem to chose themselves. It’s all very much about gut feeling - it feels almost as if I am bewitched.’ (Kenny Mathieson)

Queen’s Hall, 668 2019, 16 Aug, 9pm, £12"£13.

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