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  • 5 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Caps, hooded tops, tracksuit bottoms - a few of the more traditional clothes worn by your average breakdancer. Random Aspekts, however, have a more unconventional item hanging in their Dance Base dressing room - pyjamas.

The Scottish four-piece company has won breakdance competitions across the UK, and appeared in numerous festivals. Rock-a-Bye B-Boy is the second show they’ve created for younger audiences, and although a headspin at 10.30am may feel a little strange for the dancers, it should prove an entertaining way for families to start the day.

Fusing hip hop, funk and music by contemporary composer, Philip Glass, the show is set in the world of dreams, where anything is possible. While they sleep, the boys imagine breaking, popping and locking with a strength and agility unattainable during waking hours. Giving rise to plenty of humorous one-upmanship and moments of nightmarish insecurity.

All four of the dancers - Matt Foster, Peter Maniam, Bilal Oussellam and Tony Mills - teach dance to both adults and children, and see little difference between the two when it comes to audience satisfaction. ‘If you’re going to make stuff for children, you don’t need to patronise them,’ says Mills. ‘What I would find funny, a 10-year-old would probably find funny as well.’ (Kelly Apter)

Dance Base, 225 5525, 11-20 Aug (not 14), 10.30am, £7. Preview 10 Aug, £6.

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