Alexandra Lipsitz

  • 5 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Lipsitz’s very funny documentary feature Air Guitar Nation follows the mixed fortunes of an international cast of Air Guitar competition contestants.

5 words to describe the film you have at the EIFF

Air guitar will save your life.

4 of your favourite cinemas in the world

The Vista and the Cineramadome in Los Angeles, and the theatre in the Palace Kultura in Warsaw. Any really old theatre with a huge screen, Drive ins and outdoor screenings are good too.

3 people you would love to work with

Steven Soderbergh, Michael Moore, Jim Jarmusch.

2 films you want to catch yourself at the festival

The Refugee All Stars, Shut Up and Shoot Me.

1 thing you would love to change about film festivals if you were bestowed with the power to do so?

Free massages and food at each screening " less junk mail in the goody bags, and if I could get paid to do them, so it was a full time job to travel the world and party with my friends. Sorry that is more than 1 thing.

Air Guitar Nation, Cineworld, 22 Aug, 10.15pm, £7.95 (£5.20).

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