Black Box

  • 5 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

Separating the ‘art’ films from ‘film’ films is an unenviable task, and the murky territory between the two is just about where this year’s Black Box section of the EIFF lies. Collecting together experimental shorts and a couple of features from visual artists around the world, this relatively young section of the festival programme has come up with its most eclectic showcase yet. With entries ranging from director/photographer Larry Clarke’s controversial portrait of the star-spangled male porn consumer in Destricted, to Douglas Gordon’s 90-minute Zidane obsession, the fourth Black Box line-up attempts to forgo the pretentious trappings of the artiste, despite including notorious Cremaster, Matthew Barney.

The first compilation of art-based shorts All This Will Outlast Us sets the highbrow aesthetic for the rest of the programme, premiering Bill Morrison’s much awaited The Highwater Trilogy. Revisiting Decasia’s obsession with disintegrating archival footage, the artist’s concern turns this time towards the cataclysmic. Grainy footage gives way to glissando dissolves with a dizzying orchestral soundtrack, and the Trilogy appears all the more worthy for its timely reflection on climate change.

Meanwhile the ambiguously-titled Destricted series features film festival favourite Sam Taylor Wood in Death Valley, as well as enfant terrible Gasper Noé’s cinema of violent attractions. (Isla Leaver-Yap)

Black Box 1: All This Will Outlast Us, Filmhouse, 16 Aug, 8.15pm & 19 Aug, 7pm, £5.95 (£4.20).

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