John Tulloch

  • 1 August 2006

This article is from 2006.

John Tulloch’s recent book One Day In July: Experiencing 7/7 is the result of events which everyone -" author included - wishes had never happened to inspire it in the first place. Having survived the Edgware Road bombing, the image of a bloody and shocked Tulloch being helped to safety at ground level was quickly displayed internationally by the press. What’s coldly ironic in hindsight is that Tulloch is a professor specialising in risk analysis and sociology, and that major national events like this form a good proportion of his expertise. More ironic yet, from Tulloch’s point of view, is the way his experience as a survivor has been used for political ends.

In November last year, The Sun ran the picture of Tulloch alongside a headline bearing the headline: ‘Tell Tony He’s Right’, in relation to the Prime Minister’s proposed anti-terror laws. ‘This is using my image to push through draconian and utterly unnecessary terrorism legislation,’ responded Tulloch in The Guardian shortly after, who made no statement in support of Blair. ‘If you want to use my image, the words coming out of my mouth would be: “Not in my name, Tony.”’ Naturally, the liberal press applaud such commentary, yet Tulloch’s eyewitness accounts should be compelling for anyone who cares about the times we live in.
(David Pollock)

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