Finder's Fee

  • 31 July 2006

This article is from 2006.

Is there really such a conflict between popular forms and political subtext as academics like to make out? Perhaps not, if this piece by acclaimed American writer Wesley Moore is anything to go by.

In it three city financial types formulate a scheme to create a social project housing scheme on some very expensive New York real estate. Their motives, though, are less than philanthropic. During the course of the deal, two brokers witness the murder of a banker who’s financing the deal. Both have a motive, but which is the guilty party?

A familiar enough vehicle, then, but there’s more to it, for this production, by a cast of up and coming television actors - much touted it seems these days in Hollywood - looks at some very dark existential questions, as well as questioning contemporary material ethics. All very dark. (Steve Cramer)

Assembly Rooms, 226 2428, 6-28 Aug (not 14), 2pm, £12-£13 (£11-£12). Preview Aug 5, £5.

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