• 31 July 2006

This article is from 2006.

Didgeridoos, barbecues and kangaroos. As cultural stereotypes go those applying to Australians are as entrenched as you can get. Nice of BOMBA then to throw caution to the wind and set the flag flying for that most un-Australian of concepts: a righteous, funked up, reggae party band. Here they get soulful with our Q&A.

5 words to describe your act.
Funky, soul, reggae, dance, reggae, dub.

4 acts coming to Edinburgh who should be more famous in September than they were in July.
Luminescent Orchestrii, Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, Spaghetti Western Orchestra, Wilson Dixon.

3 things that you love about Edinburgh in august.
The new warm weather!, Veggie Haggis, Old shit (buildings, etc :).

2 things you hate about Edinburgh in august.
Queueing for beer and then having to queue for a dunny (loo).

1 thing you would change about the music scene.
More support and appreciation of new reggae music.

The Spiegel Garden, 667 8940, 7 & 8 Aug, 11pm, £5.

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