Scotty and Lulu

  • 27 July 2006

This article is from 2006.

As SCOTTY & LULU prepare to send the toddler fraternity into a jumping frenzy, they talk to us about their new show, Whoopee!

5 reasons why kids will love Whoopee!

1. If you love to laugh.

2. And dance on your seat.

3. To shout out loud.

4. And jump to the beat. 5.

To whirl and twirl with friends in the street - then Whoopee! is your Edinburgh Fringe treat!

4 things guaranteed to makes kids giggle

1. For the song ‘Poo on my Shoe’, Lulu has to wear a giant doggy poo on his head.

2. During ‘Wriggle and Twist’, Scotty and Lulu’s mums join in the fun via a live videophone link-up.

3. Lulu (who is a short hairy man) has to dress up as a Good Fairy for the song ‘Little Bunny Foo Foo’.

4. Scotty’s favourite line ‘Welcome to the stage Scotty and Poo Poo!’

3 of your favourite props from the show

1. The Poo Hat.

2. The Space Time Continuum Suitcase.

3. A Pirate telescope with a built in video camera and a 42” plasma TV.

2 words to describe Scotty & Lulu

1. Snotty.

2. Poo Poo.

1 important thing you’ve learned about performing for kids

Scotty has learned that kids love to participate in musical theatre. The more they can shout out and jump about the more fun they have. After 12 years Lulu has finally learned that performing a kids show with a hangover is not a good idea.

Whoopee! Laugh Out Loud With Scotty & Lulu, George Square Theatre, 662 8740, 4-14 Aug (not 8), 2.45pm, £7.50 (£5.50).

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