Barbershopera: Apocalypse No! (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Barbershopera: Apocalypse No!

A superb show full of dazzling vocals

In a hilariously funny show - where Satan’s horsemen adopt a jaded primary school teacher as their leader to incite the end of the world - the ‘three guys and a girl’ of Barbershopera tell the tale of Beth, a teacher, who is looking for the venue of one of her pupils’ fancy dress parties in the St. Anne’s leisure centre when she accidentally stumbles across three of the four prophesied horsemen of the apocalypse. The rather dim-witted trio kindly inform her that she is in fact in Satan’s leisure centre, and since Beth sounds like Death, she must lead them in bringing about Armageddon by destroying all that on Earth from which evil stems; love, money, politics and inefficient hand-dryers.

With incredible vocal stamina, the group depicts the story with only their deftly-arranged four part harmonies as a soundtrack, delivering remarkably clear and well-enunciated passages coupled with mellifluous ensemble singing. Even though the set is relatively sparse, the quartet manage to paint a vivid picture of the story through their dynamism and vivacious enthusiasm, putting on a superb show full of dazzling vocals, astute acting and wonderfully droll humour.

Barbershopera; Apocalypse No!, Pleasance Dome, Sun 01 Aug – Wed 01 Sep, 2255-2355, 0131 556 6550

Barbershopera - Apocalypse? No!

  • 3 stars

Third show from the award-winning musical comedy quartet, although with no narrative connection at all to the previous two. God summons four dastardly horsemen to unleash total destruction: cue mistaken identity, four-part harmony and at least one hobby horse. As heard on BBC Radio 4. ‘Delightfully cod opera of equally…