Mitchell Museum and White Heath (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

Mitchell Museum and White Heath

Edge Festival, Electric Circus, 11 Aug 2010

There some confusion early on tonight as to whether the five young guys occupying the stage are completing their soundcheck before the main act or or are the support act. As it turns out, it's the latter, and the youthful audience are treated to the mysteriously complex arrangements of White Heath, an Edinburgh-based band who are fast gaining a reputation as the premier sound of alternative rock in the city. The 1940s French film which provides the backdrop to their set is just one of the intriguing features of their performance, a refreshing blend of East meets West being another; incorporating middle Eastern chant and Bass Trombone into the same song is far from conventional, showing the progressive attitudes which underpin this band.

Next up are the Glasgow four piece Mitchell Museum with a sometime chaotic and fun-filled set. The energy of the band is felt to full extent in the small venue of the Electric Circus and the joy they spread is rather infectious; think Flaming Lips, Arcade Fire presence coupled with the humour of Bowling For Soup for good measure. The boys are showcasing many of the tracks from the upcoming release debut album ‘The Peters Port Memorial Service’ as well a punk rendition of M.I.A’s ‘Paper Planes’; before which singer Cammy casually quips ‘Some of these songs are ours, others are not’, which about summarises the deadpan humour which structures much of the live show. Before the final track we are reminded that the band are in fact named Mitchell Museum and not Mitchell Library, apparently a mistake which many, including Cammy himself, have made in the past. After the presence they command this evening, it seems unlikely we will confuse the two any longer.