Lost Property

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  • 27 July 2006

This article is from 2006.

GRAHAM IRELAND, choreographer of fromthegreyhouse:company tells us why his Fringe show, Lost Property deserves our attention.

5 reasons why people should go and see Lost Property

1. It’s dead good!

2. Did I mention it’s a really good show? (do we sound desperate yet!?)

3. Come on, an all-male company of fine young men - it’s got to be worth a look.

4. Seriously it’s not a joke, it’s well worth seeing.

5. It really is a good show!

Iinspirations for your show

1. My experiences at university (three years of endless source material).

2. My past relationships (every failure creates a new starting point for material).

3. The pub! (the centre for observing all human life).

4. DV8 (who continue to amaze and inspire me).

3 things you love about dance

1. To express myself in ways that words can not.

2. The freedom dance gives me to be more me on stage than I am in real life.

3. The lines, I love the lines!

2 other Fringe dance shows you’ll be seeing

1. Liss Fain Dance (Zoo Southside).

2. Kataklo Athletic Dance Theatre (Aurora Nova).

1 word that sums up fromthegreyhouse:company

1. Ballsy!

Lost Property, Zoo Southside, 662 6892, 6-12 Aug, 11.45am, £8.50 (£7). Previews 4&5 Aug, £6.50 (£5).

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