Mission of Flowers (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Mission of Flowers

The life adventures of aviator and dare-devil

A sell out in Soho and featuring an award-winning writer and director, Mission of Flowers is a promising choice this Fringe. It’s a one-man show telling the life adventures of aviator and dare-devil Bill Lancaster. Leof Kingford-Smith, as Lancaster, is an expressive raconteur. He communicates a sense of his struggle forcibly, and sustains the momentum to the end. The script, which keeps the audience hooked, is based around the logbook found with Lancaster’s body twenty years after his death, and moves between this moment - the despair of an adventure lost – to past memories, when he longed for one to begin.

Based on a real tragedy, its details are hard-hitting, and spare moments of light relief add to the finely wrought tension. Yet, despite this, the concept as a whole is a quiet one, and is stronger on paper than in performance. So whilst award-worthy in aspects, any audience would be advised to enter with patience, and not expect to be blown (or flown) away.

Venue 21 C Aquila, 0845 260 1234, 5-30 August (not 17), 2.30pm, £7.50-9.50

Mission of Flowers

  • 3 stars

Compelling, exciting... the true story of 1930s aviator Bill Lancaster's epic struggle for fame, the love of a woman, and survival in the blistering heat of the Sahara. Leof Kingsford-Smith’s solo performance recreates Lancaster's attempt to survive for days in the desert beside his crashed aircraft. While waiting for…