Vive Le Cabaret (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

Vive Le Cabaret

Fascinating Aida, Meow Meow and The Penny Dreadfuls head up quality cabaret package

The explosion of cabaret on this year’s Festival circuit has meant that there are plenty of shows whose attitude to quality control is suspect. Thankfully Vive Le Cabaret is a wonderful exception to this. Fronted by the inimitable Des O'Connor – a sexually charged, inverse Papa Lazarou with necrophilia issues - the show is most certainly for adult tastes, however it never manages to be anything but good-natured fun and is cheeky rather than offensive.

With a roster that changes every night, there are always one or two performances which will miss the mark. Gypsy Charms, whilst still effortlessly stylish, doesn’t seem to have moved on from last year’s act. Thankfully the quality maintained by regulars such as Pippa the Rippa who gives us a cyber-punk Hula-Hoop set that William Gibson would have been proud of and Circus Trick Tease, who deliver a heart warming acrobatics act demonstrating possession of grace, beauty, agility and strength in equal measure.

Kiki Kaboom gives us a chav-tastic burlesque routine. All chewing gum, attitude and tracksuits, she simply explodes onto the stage. Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer confuses the small American contingent for whom the Summer of Love is more likely to refer to Woodstock than a British field post-1988, however for those in the know, the tribute to Acid Edward becomes a fun-filled sing-a-long to The Shamen, Inner City and The Prodigy, whilst his delivery of SL2’s ‘On a Ragga Tip’ is definitely one of my personal 2010 Festival highlights.

With guests including Fascinating Aida, Meow Meow, Kitsch Kats, The Penny Dreadfuls and some of the best of the Fest turning up every night, you are pretty much guaranteed a raucous and hugely entertaining evening. Thoroughly recommended.

Vive Le Cabaret

  • 4 stars

Great British Variety and dazzling International talent: a 5 star festival in itself! Vaudeville, comedy and cabaret reign supreme in a late night feast of first rate fun. Edinburgh’s newest, most decadent fringe venue provides the decadent setting for an evening of glittering delights, featuring A List names from the…

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