Following Wendy (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Following Wendy

Unconventional take on the Peter Pan story

When a young girl Wendy disappears from a house party she has thrown in the absence of her parents, (through an upstairs window and accompanied by a boy with no shadow apparently!?) her friend Sebastian is arrested in connection. Following an argument between the pair earlier in the evening after the revelation that Wendy was seeing a boy called Peter, (starting to sound familiar?) Sebastian became jealous, drinking away his emotions with a bottle of whisky. As the story progresses we are introduced to Peter and his friend Tink as they take Wendy to their home of Neverland; you guessed it, this is an unconventional take on the Peter Pan story and one which is really rather enjoyable.

With Wendy away in Neverland, Sebastian is subjected to the ensuing police investigation and the comedy double act of the young policemen assigned to solve the case. The setting shifts smartly between the two settings with the aid of lighting, music and some slightly sinister looking extras who provide and eerie atmosphere to the one traditionally associated with the children’s fairytale. As the plot progresses the audience come to realise that Peter and Tinkerbelle are not fulfilling the same roles for which they are known and loved, instead dealing with much more adult content presented with the innocence of childhood, cleverly changing the whole perspective and narrative of the production.

C Soco; 4:45pm;

Following Wendy

  • 3 stars

A twisted Peter Pan for adults, exploring Wendy's journey through Neverland and the experiences of her best friend, Sebastian, as he fights to bring her home. The playfulness of Neverland is undercut by the realistic exploration of the intricacies of friendship and how we deal with guilt and grief. From Bristol-based Jam…