iOTA from Smoke and Mirrors - Five questions

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  • 24 August 2010

This article is from 2010.

iOTA from Smoke and Mirrors - Five questions

Slightly demented ringmaster in stripey socks

The star of Smoke and Mirrors, iOTA, a slightly demented ringmaster in stripey socks and a feather choker, reveals he’s partial to the odd lashing – of ginger beer.

5 words you’d use to describe your show
Cerebral, moving, beautiful, intense, entertaining.

4 things you bring on tour
Slippers, laptop, clothes, eczema cream.

3 shows you hope to see in Edinburgh
Harlekin by Derevo, Jennifer Coolidge and David Strassman.

2 things we probably don’t know about you
I am not charismatic and entertaining offstage. I like Crabbies Ginger Beer.

1 rumour you’d like to start about yourself
None … the truth is far more interesting.

Smoke and Mirrors, The Famous Spiegeltent, 667 8940, until 30 Aug, 10pm, and also 28-30, 7pm, £20 (£15).

Smoke & Mirrors

  • 4 stars

Sydney Festival's phenomenal hit 2010, conceived in the same stiletto-heeled boudoir as 'La Clique', a troupe of carnival glitterati ignited by its wicked live band and powerful, charismatic superstar iOTA. A live concept album, a fantasy cabaret, 'Smoke & Mirrors' explodes with its dazzling array of quixotic characters…

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