Another Someone (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

Another Someone

A quirky and colourful production

‘Welcome to a show all about happiness’. There’s Holly, a geek-turned-lawyer who denies herself happiness; Alicia, a bimbo waitress who thinks happiness is drinking cava in the afternoon; and Jim, a chef who thinks happiness is trading in his career path for romance. So it’s no surprise that they’re all wrong. Then again, it would be hard to squeeze more happiness into an hour of creative dance-fusion than Another Someone does.

Becky Wilkie, the compèring keyboard player, sings with a sparky Regina-Spektor-like twist to her voice; whilst on stage, the movement between acrobatic dancing and elegant ballet is shot silk with comic mime (and not to forget, a love story). This innovative combination is what the Fringe is all about. It’s a heart warming tale and a whole-hearted performance. Yet disappointingly the script, with its rather clichéd range of characters, is lacking in this freshness. Holly, Alicia and Jim are types, not individuals, and this limits the production’s soul-searching premise. Yet in spite of this, the final scene is surprisingly touching, ‘like a rain drop falling inside your coat on a cold summer morning’. Another Someone is a quirky and colourful production, appealing to teens-up and open minds.

Venue 49, Bedlam Theatre, 0131 225 9893, 4-28 August, 9pm, £5-8

Another Someone

  • 4 stars

When every day consists of cleaning toilets, serving sausage rolls and refilling the coffee machine with powdered milk, when the people you meet don't even notice you, the real world isn't worth it. In a roadside service station somewhere on the M1, three people disappear into their imaginations... Fusing live music…