Addicted to Danger


This article is from 2010

Surreal and innovative sketch affair

Just when it looked like the sketch show might be eating itself to a slow, agonising death on this Fringe, along comes Steve McNeil, Sam Pamphilon and Rachel Stubbings to stick a hot poker into its dying carcass and kickstart the whole shebang. In parts, there appears to be nothing especially new to Addicted to Danger! with its Laurel and Hardy-esque central pairing (one’s an idiot, the other thinks he’s clever but might well be the bigger dunce), while the standard undermining of each other’s efforts has extra texture added when the scary hair and yet more terrifying, if justified scowl of Stubbings takes to the stage.

Put simply, this trio have a subtle comic chemistry flowing between them that many acts take several Fringes to achieve. The sketches themselves maintain an unusually high standard of innovation and comic writing. The opening segment of a governmental underling stumbling into a cabinet office meeting which is a front for assassination sets the tone starkly from the off while glorious surrealist fancies take flight as the hour draws in.

Pleasance Dome, 556 6550, until 30 Aug, 5pm, £7–£8 (£5.50–£7).


McNeil and Pamphilon: Addicted to Danger!

Sketch comedy from the 2009 Sitcom Trials award winners Steve and Sam, with 2008 Funny Women finalist Rachel Ann Stubbings. As seen on Warner Bros' ComedyBox, BBC, ITV and Channel 4. Ages: 14+