Kevin Eldon (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

Kevin Eldon

Where hard graft meets titting about

Lugging around a CV of television credits longer than the queue snaking outside The Stand, Kevin Eldon comes to Edinburgh for his debut Fringe solo show with both word of mouth and heavy press coverage on his side. And unlike those Hollywood stars across town breezing into our August for the first time, the man whose contorted face and eschewed worldview have informed the likes of Jam, Big Train and Nighty Night has chosen not to disappoint.

His hour is almost a slicing of his work to date as he kicks off doing Paul Hamilton, the naff 80s poet who has penned work about writers block (‘worse than the AIDS crisis’) and odes to surrealism that would make your eyes bleed. If you want a bit of scary Kev, then he gives you words of metaphysical terror aided by a silent scream, nightmarish sound effects and haunting lighting before reverting back to cheery, smiley Kev and into the next character or song. And those songs are among the finest slices of musical comedy you’ll see this month, in particular the wonderfully detailed and tight number about music technology in which he pretty much nails the sound of a CD jumping, some vinyl scratching and an iPod freezing.

We also get impersonating Kev where he brings together two of the historical characters he played on Big Train by melding Adolf Hitler and George Martin. Not all of this works like a dream: his French punk-folk singer runs out of puff rather quickly and his criticism of those who use inappropriate upper inflection is a treat for two minutes but wearing for five. He might insist that he’s Titting About in his show title but Kevin Eldon has worked hard on this stuff and in the main provides a refreshing and occasionally dark debut.

The Stand, 558 7272, until 30 Aug, 2.30pm, £8 (£7).

Kevin Eldon is Titting About

  • 4 stars

After' Big Train ',' Jam ',' Nighty Night' and' Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle' Eldon has made up his own show. In it he moves about a bit and also talks. Sometimes in a different accent from his own. In one bit he hops up and down. That lasts for about four seconds. Here is what some people have said about him in the past…