Mrs. Bang: A Series of Seductions in 55 minutes (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

An arrogant persona backed up by a powerful and diverse voice

After 'conveniently' being stood up by her band, Mrs Bang is forced to fly solo and rely on audience participation to make it through her debut cabaret/comedy performance at the Fringe. Playing the part of the slightly bitter performer whose dreams of having a big band production on a brightly lit stage ('Judy Garland style') with a long curtain from which she can dramatically emerge, has been reduced to '11 o’clock – in the Ballard Room'; doing so with an endearing level of sarcastic arrogance, charm and talent.

Retelling her life story through song and speech, we learn that Mrs. Bang had failed to make a name for herself in Paris, deciding to come to Edinburgh to earn her stripes after a few experiments with wine and anti-biotics, coaxing a series of spurned ex-lovers to come with and provide her with a backing band. Not one to act with modesty, Mrs Bang shamelessly declares before her rendition of ‘Cry Me a River’ that, while everybody does this song, she 'is gonna do it better'! As well as the intelligent humour and quick wit, there is too an incredibly powerful and diverse singing voice to back up the arrogant persona.

Gilded Balloon. 11pm.

Mrs Bang: A Series of Seductions in 55 Minutes

  • 4 stars

An unabashed mess of calamity, sex and shattered pre-loved hits, Mrs. Bang turns cabaret on its head in a reasonable time frame in this black comedy of wine, stained vocals and sumptuous catastrophe. Ages: 16+