Allsopp and Henderson’s The Jinglists (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

Allsopp and Henderson’s The Jinglists

Refreshingly outrageous jingle-based show

Top quality radio jingles are hard to come by. When written well they will stubbornly refuse to leave your immediate head space, and you may often find yourself uncontrollably singing along without even realising you knew the words. The two thirty-something half brothers of the show have dedicated their lives to this cause, to the extent that they never find the time to leave the confinement of their little flat. The humour is constant throughout as the brothers practice jingles for products such as sphincter cleaner, a mattress warehouse, eulogy convenors and cheesy treats; often in a very unconventional manner which would shock the vast amount of the radio listening public. Catchy jingle making aside, the very ambiguous living situation begins to unfold as the pressures of living in isolation take hold, making for some hilarious scenes.

Not afraid to push the boundaries of convention, the show is refreshingly outrageous and cannot help but raise a smile. The two stars of the show evidently have a knack for writing comedy music and are equally capable of playing instruments with considerable talent. While you may not be hearing these jingles on the radio anytime soon, you most definitely will catch yourself singing them long after the show is over.

Allsop and Henderson’s The Jinglist, Underbelly, 8:35pm

Allsopp and Henderson's The Jinglists

  • 4 stars

One room. Two jingle-writing geniuses. Catchy melodies and crippled emotions. Can love rescue these men or will they pummel each other into the abyss of madness? 'Midway between Beckett and the Boosh... the stuff cults are made of...' (; '...their comedy is animated by a lightning intelligence...' (Melbourne…